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  1. Helpful phone numbers for Health Care Reform questions
  2. Can sense of smell determine if you'll get Parkinson's disease?
  3. What if you could simply re-grow a tooth you've lost?
  4. New technology offers alternative to cosmetic surgery
  5. Memorial Hermann Hospital live tweets ACL surgery on teen girl
  6. Affordable Care Act website faces more major problems
  7. Houston doctors see spike in flu cases
  8. Doctors: Holiday travelers at risk for deadly blood clots
  9. Texas seeing some of highest levels of flu activity in country
  10. H1N1 deaths around Houston lead to concerns, questions
  11. Three die of H1N1 in Harris County
  12. More flu-like illnesses reported; officials urge people to get flu shot
  13. Officials: Shortage of liquid Tamiflu for children
  14. Houston area seeing spike in RSV cases
  15. Officials: Flu killed at least 4 Galveston County residents
  16. Houston doctors: H1N1 causing serious complications
  17. Get your Health Care Reform questions answered today!
  18. Texas Children's Hospital testing children for Chikungunya
  19. Can DNA provide a personal fitness blueprint?
  20. TB tests for babies when hospital worker diagnosed
  21. CDC: Ebola could infect 1.4 million people by January
  22. New lab incidents fuel fear, safety concerns in Congress
  23. 9 ways to lose weight by rearranging your kitchen
  24. 100 tons of supplies to fight Ebola sent to West Africa
  25. Ex-inmate's death gives diabetic crucial transplant
  26. A dash of spice: Emotional intimacy leads to better sex
  27. Erin Andrews reflects on her life in health
  28. Playing to win in the battle of organic grocers
  29. CDC: Severe respiratory illness now in 22 states
  30. Health advice for women, from 'The Doctors'
  31. Young boy receives help in race for life
  32. C-sections: Does your hospital perform too many?
  33. Fewer than half in USA get flu shots, CDC says
  34. Artificial sweeteners may lead to diabetes
  35. Critics demand stronger warnings for potent antibiotics
  36. Harvest of Change
  37. Ebola outbreak could cost countries up to $809 million
  38. Shopping carts designed for disabled kids popping up in Houston
  39. Official: CDC said critically ill person has malaria
  40. Loosen your belts: U.S. waist sizes keep expanding
  41. US to assign 3,000 from US military to fight Ebola
  42. Firefighters aid ailing man on flight from Houston to Vegas
  43. Schizophrenia is eight different diseases, not one
  44. Pre-diabetes, diabetes rates fuel national health crisis
  45. Woman plays violin during her brain surgery
  46. Ebola crisis could last for years if not controlled quickly
  47. Be wary of doctor-rating sites: Column
  48. Nonprofit ranks Texas worst nursing home state
  49. American Ebola patient discharged from hospital
  50. Woman feels son's heartbeat 2 years after his death
  51. Half of gay, bisexual men with HIV go untreated
  52. Ebola stabilizes in Guinea, worsens in Sierra Leone
  53. Man has 100 orgasms a day after back injury
  54. Man riddled with tapeworms after eating contaminated sushi
  55. Soda giants to cut calories 20% by 2025
  56. Dallas sends 35 samples to CDC for Enterovirus testing
  57. Red Cross team attacked while burying Ebola dead
  58. Indiana is sexiest state ?? at least in dreams
  59. Help against bone loss? Blueberries ripe for study
  60. Superintendent: 5 Dallas ISD students possibly exposed to Ebola
  61. Houston artist celebrates breast cancer survivors
  62. Local Ebola experts say Ebola in Dallas is no reason to panic
  63. EMS crew exposed to Ebola victim tests negative
  64. San Antonio scientist shares research in Ebola virus cure
  65. Texas soldiers going to Africa for Ebola battle
  66. Fast facts on Ebola
  67. Viagra ads target women for 1st time
  68. Disappointed Duchess Kate cancels engagement for health reasons
  69. Brain injury may rule out comeback for Morgan
  70. CDC: Ebola outbreak in Nigeria and Senegal may be over
  71. Woman defies odds, walks after crippling fall
  72. Doctors urged to watch for paralysis as possible side effect of Enterovirus 68
  73. Boy saves brother with stool transplant in Austin
  74. Polio-like illness causing mystery paralysis in Colorado kids
  75. Ebola confirmed in Dallas hospital patient
  76. Antibiotics linked to child obesity
  77. Bengals player Devon Still gives pep talk to sick daughter
  78. Pediatricians urge IUDs or implants for teen girls
  79. Five babies test positive for TB in Texas
  80. CultureMap Moment: Blue Cure Night Run this Saturday night
  81. Kerrville teen with rare form of gangrene undergoes 10th surgery
  82. 10 cases of enterovirus-D68 confirmed in Dallas County
  83. Ebola fighters charge ahead to deal with crisis
  84. CDC says diabetes rates may show first signs of slowing
  85. Enterovirus seen in four deaths; role unclear
  86. Boy saves brother with his poop
  87. Cancer patient devastated by Dr. Gonzalez's sentence
  88. New details released about Ebola victim and his trip to US
  89. Putting Ebola's risks into perspective
  90. Rock climber survives massive bee attack
  91. Ebola-infected man may have been in contact with 80 people
  92. Ebola patient's family ordered to stay home or face charges
  93. All of Garden: Man eating only Olive Garden for 49 days
  94. "Wrongful birth": White woman sues after she mistakenly receives sperm from black don
  95. U.S. troops head to Africa for Ebola mission
  96. Dallas child with Enterovirus suffering from paralysis
  97. Ebola killing robot developed in San Antonio
  98. North Texas firm ready to meet surgical mask demand
  99. Dallas ISD insists students are safe from Ebola
  100. Fort Bliss families worry as troops prepare to head to West Africa
  101. Austin Smiles surgeons help El Salvadoran baby, doctor
  102. Patient showing signs of Ebola at D.C. hospital
  103. Group of area doctors travel to West Africa to help fight Ebola
  104. Crowdsourcing research for diseases
  105. Entrepreneurs eye emerging marijuana markets
  106. When Ebola hits, contact tracing is a critical process
  107. Pink ribbons, ice buckets: Any way to choose a charity?
  108. Federal officials opposed to Ebola travel ban
  109. Dallas PD finds man who rode in Ebola patient's ambulance
  110. World first: Baby born to woman who got new womb
  111. Dallas Ebola patient 'fighting for his life'
  112. Patient isolated at North Cypress Medical Center as precaution
  113. Study: Memory loss from Alzheimer's reversed
  114. 2 people in Harris County tested for Ebola both negative
  115. Antibiotic-resistant bacteria on Pentagon's radar
  116. N.J. preschooler is 1st confirmed enterovirus death
  117. Safety, sanitary problems prompt scores of drug recalls
  118. Odds were stacked against Dallas Ebola patient
  119. Deputy who had contact with Dallas Ebola patient shows symptoms
  120. Ebola patient's death renews questions about care
  121. For Ebola victim, US trip followed years of effort
  122. Inside the Dallas Ebola cleanup: An 'eerie' experience
  123. Possible Ebola patient 'didn't mean to cause panic'
  124. Quiz: Test your knowledge of Ebola
  125. Terminal 'Bucket List' baby dies hours after birth
  126. Hospital: No signs of Ebola in Dallas-area deputy
  127. Liberian children orphaned, ostracized by Ebola
  128. Aid groups rally to fight Ebola in Africa
  129. Woodlands wig shop owner provides safe haven for cancer patients
  130. Abortion clinic closes after confusion over ruling
  131. Texas lawmakers prepare for worst case scenario amid Ebola case
  132. Born addicted: Drug-screening pushed for pregnant women
  133. Dallas life goes on after first Ebola casualty
  134. Ebola patient sent home from ER despite 103-degree fever
  135. Leaders to hold Ebola hearing at DFW Airport
  136. Dallas hospital addresses 'misconceptions' on Ebola patient's treatment
  137. Woman from plane that landed in Texas checked for Ebola
  138. Isolated patient released from North Cypress Medical Center
  139. Deputy details day of Ebola scare
  140. Montgomery County EMS already screening for possible Ebola patients
  141. Records chronicle Ebola patient's decline
  142. Michigan toddler dies from enterovirus D68
  143. U.S. lacks a single standard for Ebola response
  144. Ebola: How it spreads
  145. Ebola ravages Sierra Leone as outbreak spreads
  146. 'Heroic' Dallas hospital worker diagnosed with Ebola
  147. Obama gets update on latest Ebola developments
  148. Ashes from Ebola victim's belongings to be buried
  149. CDC confirms Ebola in second Dallas patient
  150. Hazmat team arrives at home of Dallas Ebola patient
  151. Key question: How did Dallas worker catch Ebola?
  152. Houston health community reacts to Texas' second Ebola case
  153. Local hospitals remain vigilant with flu-like symptoms
  154. Ebola patient identified as former TCU student
  155. DCHHS Director: None of 48 being monitored showing Ebola symptoms
  156. Texas Health Dallas criticized for Ebola treatment
  157. Houston air quality improving
  158. Broccoli compound shows promise for treating autism
  159. Health care workers fight to narrow down potential Ebola cases
  160. 3-inch-long leech pulled from nose
  161. Lethal illness enterovirus D68 takes another child
  162. Ebola patient's dog under medical surveillance
  163. District disinfects lockers after students catch contagious skin infection
  164. Interactive: Ebola in West Africa
  165. Ben Taub Hospital sets up triage for Ebola screening
  166. Dallas 911 call released for ambulance for Duncan
  167. Nina Pham: 'I'm doing well'
  168. Ebola: #FactsNotFear
  169. How plasma transfusions, antibodies fight Ebola
  170. Woman gives birth hours after learning she's pregnant
  171. Justices stop parts of Texas abortion law
  172. Ebola patient upgraded to 'good condition', friends hold vigil
  173. 2nd Dallas hospital worker diagnosed with Ebola
  174. Dallas nurses cite sloppy conditions in Ebola care
  175. Obama: Ebola monitoring must be 'more aggressive'
  176. Fort Bliss soldiers train ahead of Ebola mission
  177. Local nurses/nursing students react to 2nd nurse infected
  178. Can Dallas hospital recover from Ebola transmissions?
  179. Houston health care facilities say they're ready for Ebola
  180. Houston hospitals prep for Ebola, learn from Dallas
  181. US steps up domestic response to Ebola crisis
  182. Congress to quiz CDC, hospital over Ebola missteps
  183. Presbyterian fires back: We followed CDC guidelines
  184. POLL | Public opinion about the Ebola virus
  185. Dallas County could declare Ebola disaster
  186. Austin company may help cure common cancer side effect
  187. UTMB asked to lead fight against Ebola
  188. #FactsNotFear: Join our Ebola web chat on Facebook from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m.
  189. Spider burrowed through man's appendix scar
  190. Highlights from #FactsNotFear Facebook Q&A on Ebola
  191. Nina Pham speaks in hospital room before being transported
  192. Hospital worker who handled Ebola specimen on cruise out of Galveston
  193. Travel ban issued for Texas health care workers in Ebola case
  194. #FactsNotFear: Transcript of Facebook chat on Ebola
  195. UTMB to destroy Ebola waste from Dallas hospital
  196. Friendswood teacher told to stay home after trip to Africa
  197. Presbyterian doctor on Ebola response: 'Epitome of health care'
  198. What your teeth say about your health
  199. 9 year old rides across U.S. with purpose
  200. Your calorie budget: you probably are busting it
  201. As Ebola quarantine ends in Dallas, another struggle begins
  202. Dallas officials: 120 still on Ebola monitoring
  203. 3rd Ebola patient released from Emory
  204. Mexico takes steps forward in Ebola prevention
  205. Photos offer insight after Ebola decontamination
  206. Hospital: Ebola nurse Nina Pham feeling better
  207. Activists to show abortion footage on jumbo-tron at Alamo Plaza
  208. Renee Zellweger fires back: 'I'm glad folks think I look different!'
  209. CDC will monitor people arriving in USA from West Africa
  210. Cameraman declared Ebola-free after treatment
  211. CDC issues new rules for protecting workers from Ebola
  212. Yes, more U.S. men got vasectomies in the recession
  213. WHO says Ebola outbreak continues to spread in West Africa
  214. Check out this list of things you should never refrigerate
  215. Texas Ebola task force holds first hearing in Austin
  216. Christie: Ill Liberian screened at Newark has no Ebola symptoms
  217. City puts last-minute stop to planned anti-abortion protest at Alamo
  218. Ebola vaccine trials could start in Africa in January
  219. Powerful documentary shows young cancer patient's final months
  220. Hospital: Dallas nurse now Ebola free, will be released
  221. Ebola hits New York City
  222. Have you faked a sick day?
  223. Doctor tests positive for Ebola in NYC
  224. Uber's one-shot deal: Flu vaccine at your doorstep
  225. Fitness band data show workouts peak on Mondays
  226. New home test shakes up colon cancer screening
  227. Family's fun run raising awareness for rare skin disorder
  228. Ebola: NY had jump-start, Dallas had to learn fast
  229. Medical mystery: Iowa boy, 12, has no urge to eat, drink
  230. Scary stuff: Halloween hazards are not just for kids
  231. Voices: Volunteer doctors protect us from Ebola
  232. White House working on new Ebola guidelines
  233. Pentagon builds units to transport Ebola patients
  234. Drugmakers bet on Ebola vaccines, treatments
  235. Some doctors wary of taking insurance exchange patients
  236. Ebola Halloween house to raise money for charity
  237. The dangers of some Halloween costumes
  238. Colorado lab developing Ebola vaccine for military use
  239. Hazmat suit maker hustles to meet Ebola demand
  240. Breath test developed to detect disease
  241. Amber Vinson: 'With God, all things are possible'
  242. Julia Roberts says NOT getting a facelift was risky for her career
  243. Alicia Silverstone talks about a plant-based diet
  244. Teal pumpkins beckon trick-or-treaters with food allergies
  245. Hagel orders quarantine for troops returning from West Africa
  246. Supportive care may help American Ebola patients survive
  247. Texas Commission on Environmental Quality issues surprising statement
  248. Quarantines: Answers to your questions
  249. Some exchange patients can't find doctor: #tellusatoday
  250. New Ebola cases in Liberia appear to be slowing