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  1. United will not honor bookings 'gaming' its site for nearly free flights
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  3. Restaurant Report Card: Fruits and veggies not washed
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  5. Do artificial colors and dyes affect your child's behavior?
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  9. Freebie Friday: Free eats for veterans this weekend, Veterans Day
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  11. Restaurant Report Card: Hot dog problems?
  12. Thanksgiving travel: Texas gas prices lowest in years
  13. Dangerous toys list revealed
  14. Freebie Friday: Help keep your wallet warm in your pocket
  15. Children in highchairs may be at risk for severe injuries
  16. Restaurant Report Card: Coughing, sneezing not good for food handlers
  17. Freebie Friday holiday edition
  18. New high-tech device helps find ideal mattress for your body
  19. Restaurant Report Card: Rat droppings, ants & cockroaches
  20. What to do if you're the victim of a bad contractor
  21. Restaurant Report Card: Trash can used as food prep table
  22. New details on Target breach arrests
  23. Restaurant report card: Dumplings, noodles & rat droppings
  24. Houston's medical community commends CVS on stopping tobacco sales
  25. Restaurant Report Card: Violations for all your favorite cuisines
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  27. Controversy over man's lifetime gym contract
  28. Restaurant Report Card: Moldy chicken, rat droppings & dangerous temps
  29. Freebie Friday: Valentine's Day edition
  30. Restaurant Report Card: Roaches, rodents & leftover rice
  31. Freebie Friday: Mardi Gras Galveston and more!
  32. Restaurant Report Card: Slime, cockroach infestations & condemned food
  33. Freebie Friday: Rodeo events, parades, Dr. Seuss's birthday!
  34. Restaurant report card: Ice machine slime, insects, roaches
  35. Restaurant report card: Roaches and off-temperature food
  36. Restaurant Report Card: Roaches, gnats and unsafe coolers
  37. Freebie Friday: Outdoor movies, horse show & family adventures
  38. Restaurant Report Card: Dirty ice machines, condemned lunch meat
  39. Freebie Friday: Pets, kites and sand castle fun this weekend
  40. Restaurant Report Card: Pizza, pubs and Asian cuisine
  41. Restaurant report card: Repeat roach offenses and reused ice
  42. Freebie Friday: Festivals, fairs and movies
  43. Freebie Friday: Easter weekend, Earth Day events
  44. Restaurant Report Card: Roaches on food prep tables
  45. Freebie Friday: Food, music and family fun
  46. Restaurant Report Card: Failing grade for college favorite
  47. Freebie Friday: Art, fishing and Cinco de Mayo this weekend
  48. Restaurant Report Care: Foul-smelling fish, mildew
  49. Freebie Friday: Mother's Day weekend
  50. Keeping criminals out of your computer
  51. Houston woman's exploding leaf blower leads to nationwide recall
  52. Travel agent steals customer info for personal flights
  53. Restaurant Report Card: Pests don't discriminate
  54. Alarm insecurity: Will your home alarm work when you need it?
  55. Restaurant Report Card: Rodent feces and slime in the ice machine
  56. Restaurant Report Card: Roaches remain after 4 visits
  57. Comcast turns Houston customer modems into wireless hotspots
  58. Restaurant Report Card: Roaches all around Houston restaurants
  59. Freebie Friday: A special Father's Day edition
  60. Man claims local Shell station sold him bad diesel
  61. Consumer prices on the rise: Gas, groceries and air fares
  62. Restaurant Report Card: A picture worth a thousand words
  63. Freebie Friday: Deals for movie buffs
  64. Restaurant Report Card: Washing food with a garden hose
  65. Restaurant Report Card: He said, she said
  66. Freebie Friday: 4th of July edition
  67. Customers demand answers from Conn's about complaints
  68. Restaurant Report Card: Bread maker attracts roaches and rodents
  69. Freebie Friday: Art, wine and music on the cheap
  70. Restaurant Report Card: Beetles and roaches
  71. Freebie Friday: Food, music and theater
  72. Local 2 investigation protects consumers from identity thief
  73. Restaurant Report Card: Flies, feces and roaches
  74. EZ Tag scam warning in Harris County
  75. Freebie Friday July 25: Treasure hunting, fine art and health screenings
  76. Restaurant Report Card: Roaches found at popular juice chain
  77. Freebie Friday: Carpentry for kids, free food and ice cream
  78. Fatal Crash on 149 today?
  79. Restaurant Report Card: Houston restaurant faves written up
  80. Freebie Friay: Dr. Seuss, bats and other wildlife
  81. Restaurant Report Card: Are two or three roaches OK?
  82. Freebie Friday: Back 2 School, movies, theater and more
  83. Freebie Friday: Labor Day Weekend edition
  84. Restaurant Report Card: Roaches around town
  85. Report shows impact of Affordable Care Act in Texas
  86. Protecting your children on Facebook
  87. Restaurant Report Card: Rodents, flies and slime
  88. Freebie Fridays: Movies, family fun and festivals
  89. Restaurant Report Card: Country club has hygiene issue
  90. Crosby ISD teacher celebrates 50th anniversary on the job
  91. Restaurant Report Card: Roaches, slime and dead mice
  92. Freebie Friday: Music, football and cooking
  93. Restaurant Report Card: Rodent feces or something else?
  94. Freebie Friday: Fall freebies for the weekend
  95. Restaurant Report Card: Rat droppings, roaches at ladies only club
  96. Freebie Friday: Ice cream, Fire Fest and pumpkins
  97. Restaurant Report Card: Unsolicited taste test at Mexican eatery
  98. Restaurant Report Card: Reasons to skip a meal?
  99. Restaurant Report Card: Employee cooks with open wound
  100. Freebie Friday: Movies, pumpkins and burgers
  101. Restaurant Report Card: Off-temperature food and meat in a mop sink
  102. Restaurant Report Card: Live roaches in kitchens and slime in an ice machine
  103. Restaurant Report Card: Off-temperature foods, dirty ice machines
  104. Black Friday Frenzy: Finding the best deals
  105. Restaurant Report Card: Baked goods iced with bare hands
  106. Restaurant Report Card: Food employee working with infected hand wound
  107. Restaurant Report Card: High marks Chick-fil-A, KFC
  108. Health inspectors find off-temperature beef and bugs in rice at meat market
  109. Inspectors find blood cakes in standing water, rodent droppings in bakery
  110. Roaches inside restaurant kitchen, mildew found on soda gun nozzle
  111. How to stop pre-approved credit offers
  112. Live roach found at restaurant; Pork stored at 84 degrees found at another
  113. Inspectors find off-temperature meat, live roaches in restaurant kitchens
  114. Inspectors find maggots inside candy container, roaches in coffee machine
  115. Consumer News: FAA setting drone rules, new mail trucks and more
  116. AAA: Fuel additives provide no major effect on gas mileage
  117. Inspectors: Employee picks nose, continues to prep food at Montrose restaurant
  118. Spam email threatens arrest, claims to be from Texas attorney general
  119. No soap in kitchen at one restaurant, roaches in ice at another
  120. Target aiming for millenials, young families in store revamp
  121. Starbucks says brand change, tearing to blame for tea shortage
  122. Health inspectors find off-temperature food at IHOP, Guadalajara Hacienda
  123. Online data still vulnerable even with lock icon
  124. Inspectors find rat feces at pizza place, slime in McDonald's ice machine
  125. Inspectors find roaches at various Houston-area restaurants
  126. Inspectors: Off-temperature meats at several Houston restaurants
  127. Inspectors close down restaurant so workers can clean roaches from floor
  128. Inspectors find slime in ice machines in restaurants across Houston
  129. Roaches found in restaurant kitchens around Houston
  130. Inspectors find live roaches in restaurants around town
  131. Restaurant Report Card: Repeat violation gets manager fired
  132. Off-temperature food and slime found at Houston-area restauraunts
  133. KPRC 2 viewer leads inspectors to restaurant with roach problem
  134. Liquid waste backups and insects found in restaurants around town
  135. Tipster alerts health inspectors to spoiled chicken at grocery store
  136. Facebook Messenger no longer requires Facebook account
  137. Customer says Razzoo Cajun Cafe handled rodent incident badly
  138. Roaches, off-temperature food at some Houston area restaurants
  139. Decaying mice, rodent droppings at Houston-area Walgreens, inspectors say
  140. Health inspectors find roaches, rodent droppings in Houston restaurants
  141. Restaurant has repeat violations, rodent leaves feces in cafe
  142. How to prevent car sunroofs from shattering spontaneously
  143. Paying extra for early deplaning
  144. Android major security flaw
  145. Nike customers can get refund or gift cards
  146. Roach drops from ceiling into pot of pork at restaurant, inspectors say
  147. Restaurant Report Card: Chicken on floor; roaches
  148. What will they think of next? General Mills makes 'selfie spoon'
  149. Ultimate fan creates Whataburger shoes